Did you know that last year the Abington School Board approved a

$90 Million  Bond Issue?

This means that Abington home owners are burdened with a new debt obligation for the next thirty years due as approved by the Abington Township School Board last year.

This new debt obligation occurred in addition to the school board

Increasing School Taxes over the last 10 years

Why 90 Million Dollars?   Why Now? 

These are questions that were never fully discussed, debated or presented to the citizens of Abington Township prior to the school board’s approval of this new debt obligation.

This decision, like many of decisions made by the current school board, did not afford Abingtonians the opportunity to truly debate this matter in depth at the school board meetings. 

What can the citizens of Abington do to fix this? 

Now is the Time to Balance the Board!

This November Abington Township Voters must recognize that it is the time to balance the Abington Township School Board membership and restore meaningful fiscal oversight of the School District Leadership and their budgets.   

Balancing the school board membership will allow our community to truly have a school board that will address the needs of the school system as well as the economic needs and concerns of all of the citizens of Abington Township.

When you go to vote this November please think about this – Is it in the best interest of the citizens and students of Abington Township to elect the membership of School Board of Abington Township exclusively from One Political Party? Or do we need a variety of diverse opinions and meaningful discussion and debate that welcomes all viewpoints?

This November remember: 


Angel Belka

Renee McCullough

John Monaghan

Jocelyn Pickford

Joe Rooney