Virginia Malloy – Candidate for Tax Collector

My Promise

  • Accessible office hours: Hours will be set to meet the needs of the Abington Township taxpayers.
  • Approachable and available:  Bring your issues directly to me.
  • Accountability and transparency: If asked, I will promptly provide you with an accurate response satisfying all tax laws.

My Reasons

  • To serve the Abington taxpayers in a professional and personable way.
  • To improve the efficiency and accuracy of our tax office, including our online services, according to federal, state, and local laws.
  • To build confidence in the Abington Township Tax Collectors’ office by demonstrating consistency in my actions and respecting and valuing the time of our taxpayers.

My Qualifications

  • Over 35 years of accounting experience, including 18+ years as a tax accountant.
  • Extensive knowledge of federal, state, and local laws for businesses and individuals.
  • Active IRS Enrolled Agent.
  • Experience in establishing efficient and accurate accounting departments.

My Background

  • A resident of Abington Township for over 34 years. My three children were educated by the Abington School District.
  • While raising my children, pursuing my accounting career, and completing my college degree, my strategic end goal was to someday become the Abington Township Tax Collector.  To me, this was a high goal to reach with a greater purpose.
  • Being a trustworthy, accomplished, and respected accountant has prepared me for this responsibility. Throughout my career, this has been demonstrated by my commitment to all those I have served.
  • As an accountant, interacting with clients, supporting, and managing company team members, and communicating with other tax collector offices has more than prepared and qualified me for this position.

I’m offering Abington a fresh start, a new voice, and a new vision with transparency and accountability.