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Elephant in the room

More Back Room Deals?

Campaign Finance … the Elephant in the Room… What is going on with Thousands of Dollars of Campaign Contributions to the endorsed Democrats in the Abington School Directors Campaign from Phila Unions? Do you...

2017 Gifts for our Troops!

Thanks to all the volunteers for putting together gift boxes for our troops that protect us so we can enjoy the freedom we have in this Great Country!  

ATRO Supports the 2017 Rockledge Car Show

  ATRO was in Rockledge on Sunday September 10th to support the 2017 Car Show.  Candidates for Commissioner and information for Abington School Directors was distributed to the Rockledge community.  The event continues to...

ATRO Supports Crestmont Unity Day 2017

ATRO Area Leader Jon Fox, Abington “Mayor Woody” and Jesse Civello attended Unity Day to show support for Unity Day 2017.  Information on our slate of candidates was distributed to the Crestmont neighbors.