More Back Room Deals?

Elephant in the room

Campaign Finance … the Elephant in the Room…

What is going on with Thousands of Dollars of Campaign Contributions to the endorsed Democrats in the Abington School Directors Campaign from Phila Unions?

Do you think these Union Leaders live in Abington?
Do they have kids in our schools, do they pay taxes in Abington?

The current endorsed Democrats have received thousands of dollars from out of Abington Union PACs.

Do you think this could have anything to do with $100 million construction project?
What are these candidates going to owe to these contributors after the election?

Please carefully consider these outrageous contributions before you vote on Tuesday.

We need MORE transparency in the Abington School Board.

We do not need directors who make deals behind closed doors. We have had enough of that!

It is time to vote for Transparency.

Vote ROONEY & BERTOGLI on November 5th 2019.

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