Announcing my intention to fill the ASD Board Vacancy

As many of you are already aware, two of our Abington School Directors announced their resignation last week.

Mr. Stupine’s resignation was made public at the last School Board meeting, 10/29. Since Mr. Stupine’s term expires in December of 2021, the board will be looking to appoint a replacement to serve out the rest of his term.

On Friday, November 4th, Mr. Stein announced his resignation from the board and his intention to fill the vacancy created from Mr. Stupine’s resignation. School Board President, Mr. McGarry, sent out a letter announcing this resignation, Mr. Stein’s intention to apply for the vacant seat, and the process around the appointment.

The letter can be downloaded below or read through this link to the Abington School District website. I’ve also put together a breakdown and timeline of events around the resignation.

Below is my letter of interest in serving out the board vacancy left behind by Mr. Stupine:

Dear ASD Board of School Directors:
As per the link included above, I submit my name for consideration for the seat recently vacated by the resignation of Mr  Stupine.

Why should I be considered?  In 2015 after I exposed the fact that Andrea Lawful Trainer did not live in either Abington Township, or Rockledge Borough she resigned immediately, I am pretty sure I was right since she still lives in the Philadelphia house that I identified as her domicile.  In the election that followed, I received the most votes of any candidate who did not win a seat.  Interestingly enough, Mr. Stein was appointed to that seat despite not previously attending board meetings and not running for the seat during that election cycle.

Yesterday, I again received the most votes of any candidate that did not win a seat.  By default, anyone applying for this position (other than Mrs. Arhold and Mr. Bertogli,) was not interested enough in the job to actually run for the office.  This includes Mr Stein who, in fact, was up for re-election but withdrew from consideration.

I have attended school board meetings for many years, have kept abreast of the issues and have asked questions.  I have provided valuable and accurate information to Abington residents about board actions.  I am  independent enough to take a stand when our board makes a mistake.  I represent the positions and concerns of a significant part of the Abington Township and Rockledge Tax Payers and Residents, an electorate that currently has no representation on our board.

I look forward to discussing my qualifications with the full board!

Joe Rooney

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